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Genealogy Information from the "Breed Family Record" is being loaded into the Ultimate Family Tree software program and will be made available on the web in the near future.

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"Allen (born in 1601) spelled his name Bread, but soon after the family settled in this country the name was spelled "Breed" and this form is now universally used here by his descendants.  The Breed family in the United States is one family, all being the descendant of Allen Bread and his first wife, who came to this country in 1630, bringing with them two boys and having two boys born to them after their settlement in Lynn."

Breed Family Association

The 1999 Annual Meeting of the Breed Family Association will be held 6:00 p.m. on June 11th at the Lynn Museum (Lynn Historical Society), located at 125 Green Street, Lynn, MA.

Battle of Bunker (Breed's) Hill, June 17, 1775

Details of why this famous battle, which was fought on Breed's Hill, was misnamed have been documented in the "Breed Family Record."  A compelling arguement for calling this the Battle of Breed's Hill is contained in that volume.

The Lynn Museum at the Lynn Historical Society

Museum Tales:
Summer 1999 - The Riches to Rags Story of Ebenezer Breed.

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